Solve Chicago

  • Issue: The job opportunity gap. Specifically, the need to create a network of every workforce nonprofits and align them with neighborhoods and community leaders, job seekers, etc.
  • Beneficiary: Underserved, distressed neighborhoods and workforce development nonprofits.
  • Date: May 17, 2016

Involvement - The CLA worked with a few committed young leaders to ultimately assist in the launching of the Solve Chicago concept. The CLA provided support in the following ways: helped founder Matt Strauss (CLA member) to brand himself as a civic leader and attract Emile Cambry of Blue 1647 as a co-founder; assisted in acquiring Cara Program, i.c. stars and Ideal Candidate as clients ; Gave the Solve Chicago team the opportunity to raise awareness to 80+ thought leaders on a daily basis, while getting feedback from their partners; promoted announcements and achievements by Solve Chicago through various platforms and social channels; Assigned board members.

Impact - As of April 2017, while Solve Chicago is still being built and getting off the ground, we’ve already acquired some of the top nonprofits in Chicago and have begun dialogue with dozens of community leaders and civic-based organizations who are very interested in officially partnering with Solve Chicago.

Quote - "I have always believed that age doesn't matter in work. Once I started selling our smart city software to the Government, I realized the importance of a brand which Chicago Leadership Alliance has helped me attain" - Matt Strauss, Founder of Solve Chicago and CLA Member