Signs of Change

  • Issue: Process to get a sign permit in the city is way too long, and antiquated.
  • Beneficiary: Chicago's Small Business Community
  • Date: Jul 4, 2016

Involvement: The CLA worked hand in hand with The Small Business Advocacy Council to spearhead Signs of Change. We brought together a coalition of over 40 local business groups, alderman, and chambers of commerce to all work together on supporting this initiative. The CLA was also very influential in helping to develop the strategy, messaging, and process for Signs of Change.

Impact: The ordinance, along with companion administrative changes, reduces the time it takes to obtain a public way use permit by 50 to 80%. In some circumstances, the city estimates these reforms reduce the process by two-and-a-half months. In addition to reducing the number of days for business owners to obtain their public way sign permits, there are also about 130 other public way uses including canopies, benches and awnings that will be issued more quickly because of this ordinance.

Quote: "The CLA was a fantastic partner for Signs of Change. They brought initiative, ideas, and effort to the table. There is no way that Signs of Change would have gotten off the ground, much less succeeded, without The CLA being involved from the start!" - Elliot Richardson, President, The SBAC.