Muslim American Leadership Alliance

  • Issue: The need to elevate public dialogue on Muslim-American identity in the 21st Century, unite all Americans in a common struggle for freedom and human rights, and partner with civic leaders to strengthen community and counter extremism.
  • Beneficiary: Muslim American Community
  • Date: Jul 19, 2016

Involvement - The Chicago Leadership Alliance has been involved with MALA from its inception. MALA and the CLA share a common mission which is Mentor and empower emerging young leaders. MALA Inspires Muslim-Americans to share their unique stories and shape their futures. Michael Stark, co-founder for the CLA was one of the first advisory board members for MALA. CLA members have been very supportive of MALA's board by providing them access to their network and attending MALA's events.

Impact - MALA has collected over 500 stories that are archived at the Library of Congress. MALA created the first ever Muslim American Heritage database at the library of Congress.

Quote "Build bridges through a respectful exchange of ideas. Individual progress is linked to community progress." - Ahmed Flex Omar, Co-founder, Muslim American Leadership Alliance.