Working with DePaul Students

  • Issue: Mentorship and work experience for students
  • Beneficiary: DePaul University and their students
  • Date: Apr 20, 2016

Involvement: In April, The Chicago Leadership Alliance announced it's official partnership with DePaul University's Center for Creativity & Innovation.  This partnership is focused around The CLA engaging with DePaul and it’s students in various ways: Providing a pipeline for DePaul students to apply for open internship opportunities at CLA-run companies; CLA members actively mentoring students; Guest lecturing by CLA members; Students and CLA members engaging in ideation sessions together.

Impact: As of February 2017, The CLA and DePaul have engaged in multiple sessions and events together, providing mentorship, learning experiences, and real-world connections for hundreds of DePaul Students.

Quote: "The CLA has collaborated with us on events for our students, bringing business leaders into the classroom and on campus to mentor and inspire future entrepreneurs and innovators.  A panel of CLA members spoke on leadership and career development, sharing strategies and tips with students about to enter the workforce.  We have had CLA members work with our students in interactive sessions to generate innovative ideas for businesses, enabling students to see first-hand some of the challenges and opportunities facing organizations. Working with the CLA has been incredibly beneficial to our students as they get the opportunity to meet some of the city's most transformative leaders and learn about how to create a meaningful work life tied to the community." - Lisa Gundry, Professor of Management & Entrepreneurship