Member Spotlight: Zach Koran

Member Spotlight_ Zach Koran _ Chicago Leadership Alliance.jpg

Chicago Leadership Alliance is made up of philanthropic minded individuals who are successful and want to better the communities around them. We sat down with the members to gain a better understanding of the faces behind CLA.

What Brought you to CLA and Why?

My great friend, Ryan Marks, was a board member and he kept mentioning all the great things the CLA was doing as well as the different volunteering and projects he was a part of. For many years, I wanted to give back to the community and figure out a way to volunteer with different organizations, but didn’t know where to start. The CLA has not only given me the opportunity to participate in philanthropy but has helped segue the connection to great relationships with like-minded individuals. I have been a member since March 2017.

What is Your Role within the Organization?

I am an active member that participates in two different committees. I attend different events that involve social outreach and ones that give back to the community.

What Do You Hope to Gain from Your Membership and Interactions with Other Members?

With all the amazing members I just hope to learn from them and get more involved. There is always a time to give back.

What is Your Most Rewarding Experience with CLA?

I had the chance to do some volunteering with high school students late last year. I have also seen young entrepreneurs bring their business ideas to life. Additionally, I had the chance to ideate with them during one session, and helping our future leaders was priceless.

What Does Your Membership Mean to You?

I love being a part of CLA. Social impact, philanthropy and growing with like-minded individuals.

What Do You Enjoy Most About CLA?

I love being able to collaborate with other members and participate in different events.

How Would You Describe CLA to a Potential Member, Donor or Partner Organization?

CLA is the best and brightest. The people in it care deeply, and they have the chance to put their amazing ideas to work. This group is exclusive, and everybody in the CLA is there for a reason, bringing their own unique skill sets to the alliance.