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Our Narrative

Over the past number of years as we've begun assuming prominent leadership roles throughout Chicago, 3 broad issues kept consistently appearing:

LACK OF ACCESS It can be difficult to get things done, or simply know who to work with to resolve a problem in Chicago.

LACK OF AWARENESS Chicago is home to thousands of exceptional nonprofit, social and civic organizations. However, much of the great work is being done in silos.

LACK OF ACTION There’s no shortage of ideas, objectives, and passion – but frankly, not enough movement and results.

Chicago is a world-class city, celebrated for its history, culture, diversity, business, accomplishments, and outstanding leaders & visionaries. That said, for Chicago to build on its great traditions and continue to flourish for generations to come, there’s a responsibility to address the issues that face the city, continue to innovate & collaborate, and to relentlessly keep driving towards a better future…for everyone.

In 2015, we launched The Chicago Leadership Alliance to step up, and proudly accept & embrace this responsibility.

CLA is Social Impact 2.0

The CLA has been built for today’s Millennial leader who doesn’t just want to sit on the sidelines and watch/ complain, but for those of us who desire to work together, build solutions, and play an active role in the future of Chicago.

Rather than focus on just one issue, The CLA provides our members with an opportunity to get involved with dozens of causes, organizations, projects, population segments, and geographical areas in Chicago. We also offer the necessary support and resources so our members can launch their own social impact organizations and initiatives, which pertain to causes they’re personally passionate about.


Please meet the active members of The Chicago Leadership Alliance.


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